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For Majo, the founder and creator of Troupial, specialty coffee is the only way to properly communicate the flavor profiles of each coffee-producing country. Why? Because specialty indicates that we are consuming a traceable product from start to finish, and that we are part of the value and work chain of coffee-producing communities and families around the world. This allows us to recognize coffee as an expression of the earth.

Originally, Troupial was an idea represented by three colorsyellow, white, and black. The concept sought to offer a nostalgic experience through coffee, and with time transformed to meet the need for homemade Venezuelan cuisine in Savannah. We have the first Arepa Bar in town, a 100% Venezuelan concept with a local touch that catches the interest of any North American.

The flight began in 2019 with online Venezuelan baking courses, followed by bicycle deliveries and offering a variety of Venezuelan breads at the local farmers market every Saturday in Forsyth Park from 9am to 1pm. 

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We finished renovating a 1915 property in the heart of the Starland District in Savannah, Georgia on March 2022 with the desire to recreate a nest inspired by the time this home was built. It is now when Troupial takes flight towards the dream of being a setting where coffee is always the star.



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